Essential Maintenance For Your Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is a combination of many parts and pieces all of which should regularly be maintained in order to keep it in impeccable condition. There are some parts of the air conditioner however that need to be checked more often than not if your air conditioner is going to serve you well and for a long period. Here are some of the essential maintenance practices on important parts that you should carry out often.

Air Conditioner Filters
The filters ensure that the air which passes through the air conditioner to your home is free of particles, dust and allergens. This means therefore that with time the air filters will have dust accumulate on them which can reduce the air flow. Reduced air flow causes the air conditioner to work harder to maintain which raises the energy bills. When the air filter is clogged with dirt and allergens it also reduces the quality of air flowing through your home. During seasons of high usage like in summer or winter the air conditioner filters should be cleaned or replaced every month.

Air Conditioner Coils
You air conditioner has the condenser or evaporator coils. These coils are meant to absorb heat to bring the desired effect to the house. When you want hot air they heat it and when you want cold air they cool it. The coils will collect dirt over time. When this happens, they become insulated thereby not able to absorb heat as required. Dirty filters cause the coils to become dirty quickly but even when the filters are cleaned or replaced regularly you need also to take a look at the coils and clean them accordingly. This can be done semi-annually but it is an important maintenance practice.

Coil fins
The fins on the coils allow air flow through the unit to the house. It is possible for these fins to become bent which reduces the air flow. You can use a fin comb to straighten the fins and get air flowing through the system with ease.

When these three essential parts are checked and maintained regularly you can be sure that your air conditioner will be in proper working order every time you need it. If you are not good at doing such things on your own, you can always consult professionals to come and regularly maintain the air conditioner for you. They will check all the vital parts of the air conditioner and measure the airflow coming from it to ensure that it is up to standard.

For the high seasons you need to ensure that the air conditioner is prepped and ready. For instance in summer and winter the unit has to do a lot of work to maintain the desired temperatures in the house and failing at such times can cause you lots of agony and will even cost you more to fix. Ensure that you have it serviced before high usage seasons. During such seasons it is best to have professionals take a look at your air conditioner.