How To Pack A Bedroom When Moving

Bedroom is the most treasured room of the house as it provides us with all the escape from chaos and brings comfort. It also contains many treasured items .It is also usually the last room to pack. This sometimes gets you behind the schedule. Well we have few tricks for you.

Sort out

First thing you have you do is sort out all the things in your room other than your beds. Take a good look at your belongings and get rid of everything you do not want or need to take with you to your new house. It will help you with saving a lot of space and energy.
Packing materials
Start gathering the packing materials. You should have enough packing material so that you do not have to run out for more. You will need
boxes in a variety of sizes
wardrobe boxes
Bubble wrap
Masking and packing tape
Stretch or shrink wrap
packing paper
Corrugated cardboard
Paper or notepads for writing
Garbage bags
Cleaning supplies
Tools for disassembling
Furniture blankets
Mattress covers and boxes

Pre pack

You will be using your bedroom until the last day but you will not need everything in there. So make a list of things you will not need in these days and start packing them. As if if you are moving in summer, you will not need your winter clothes, shoes etc. you can speed up your packing process by thinking few steps ahead.

Anything that can be taken apart, disassemble it. Take all the screws, nuts, and bolts into a bag, label it, and attach it to part of the furniture they come from. Take photos before you disassemble so that you will remember when you will put them back.

Furniture: Carefully cover furniture surfaces with paper or bubble wrap to protect it from scratches .For larger pieces, use moving blankets. Wrap furniture legs with
bubble wrap.

Rugs: Vacuum all rugs, roll them up, and secure them with ropes or tape. Cover them with wrapping paper.

Lamps: remove the shade and light bulb. Wrap the base of the lamp in bubble wrap and cushion it with packing materials .put them in separate boxes and fill with packing material so that they do not shift during the move.

Wardrobe: take all the clothes you will not need during your stay in this house. Moreover, start packing. Roll up your everyday use clothes and put them in boxes. Cover with wrapping paper. For your delicate and expensive clothes put them in wardrobe boxes or vaccumboxes.

Photo frames and mirrors: take down all the mirrors and frames. Pack them in wrapping paper or crumbled paper. Place them so they are stacked vertically on their edges inside a box to prevent the glass from cracking. Fill any extra space with packing material so the frames do not shift during transit, and mark the box as FRAGILE.