More Advantages Of Laminate


Hardwood tends to fade under Ultra Violet rays and get a lighter tint; sunlight also has a similar impact towards marble and carpet. This, however, does not apply to laminate flooring hence lasts long without significant changes. The original pattern of the laminate flooring and its color is maintained easily. The durable melamine plastic wears used on the top surface makes laminate flooring less prone to stains, scratches and any impacts.

Replacement is not a hard process when it comes to laminate flooring. You can easily pick up the boards yourself when you want to change your floors. This is made easy because there was no nailing or gluing used during the process of installation. The lack of adhesive is one of the best features when it comes to laminate flooring. The removal of the boards as well does not require professional assistance unless you prefer to have a contractor.

During installation, the laminate flooring is placed over a base board. This is whereby floating flooring is assumed. The pressure board or base board can handle over one thousand pounds of weight per every square inch. Hence the impact of any weight to the floor is very moderate and almost negligent. Laminated floors are not prone to damage. This flooring can be installed over any subfloor from concrete, vinyl to hardwood. This sets it apart from another type of flooring options such as hardwood and marble.

The advantage of thing about laminate flooring is that it does not require any special tools during installation like other types of flooring. You can easily install your laminate flooring without the need of hiring a professional. Laminate flooring has a special feature referred to as tongue and groove click system which allows you to snap in the boards together simply. Hence no need for gluing and nailing in installing this flooring. This will save you money for hiring and also a lot of time. Laminate flooring can be laid down anywhere regardless of the subfloor. The flooring simply floats on top of the surface.

The high resolution of tree imprints on the laminate flooring makes it an easier of a choice when the expense is in question. The different species patterns that perfectly take after real wood makes laminate worth the buy. Most people find it difficult to identify the laminate from the real wood.

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Aside from the easy installation process laminate flooring is just as easy to clean. Other types of flooring may require special cleaning agents suggested by manufacturers or extra tools so as to protect the floor. Laminate flooring only requires vacuuming or sweeping, followed by a simple wipe over with a damp cloth. No wax needed and no polish required. However, one is not advised to use a lot of water during mopping as this may lead to warping or swelling over an extended period as water may seep through the joints. It is therefore important to avoid excess water during washing.